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How to Prune Trees in a Proper Way 

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Whether you want to give your shaggy tree a prune or time or keep a large-growing tree in scale, pruning trees in a proper way does not only improve a tree’s appearance but it also promotes health and growth. Trees show more their attractive bark of flowers when they are properly pruned. When you want to prune your trees, you should have knowledge on the best time to prune them and where exactly to prune. If you don’t, then you better call tree services that can help you.  

 Prune Trees

Pruning for Health and Safety 

Dying or dead branches shouldn’t be left hanging around the tree. They should be removed before they can infect the rest of the trees and damaging it. When you prune, make sure that you clean the blade in a 10% bleach solution so the disease won’t spread. Remove the broken branches too so the insects won’t be able to burrow inside and spread.  

Pruning the trees isn’t just for its health, but for our safety too. Who would want a branch falling off our property, or worse, on us right? Trim the branches so it shouldn’t threaten the power lines, dangling branches should be removed too so it can’t inure us. Branches that touch the roof of the house should be cut especially during windy days so it can’t damage the property.  

The Best Time to Prune 

You shouldn’t prune trees anytime just because you feel like it. There is a best time to prune trees. Prune the trees in late summer because if you prune trees that just leafed out during spring it will become weak. Summer is the best time to prevent tree weakening. If you prune for the purpose of achieving form and structure, it’s best to prune after the leaves fall and you can see the branches clearly.  

When pruning, remember not too cut too close to the trunk. Flush cuts are large and it will delay the sealing of the wound. Also, do not cut too far from the trunk because you will just create an entry point for the insects. The stub should be remove to the wound would seal. To cut properly, make sure the cut is just outside the branch collat. It contains chemicals needed for the wound sealing. 

Where to Make the Cut 

There are different types of trees and most of them grow differently from each other, depending on how it was planted and where it was planted. There are trees that sucker up from the ground (suckering) after they are felled. It has a tendency to grow multiple stems which make it prone to storm damages. To save the tree, remain the straightest stem and cut the others. If you want to grow a tree like this for aesthetic reasons, make sure that the stems are well spaced.  

There are also trees that grow with forked trunks. It has two trunks that have a V-shape. This type is less stable than a single trunk because the hollow cavity between the trunks where rot and insects are likely to happen. To prevent this, remove one of the trunks when it’s still young.  

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